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Arkansas Razorbacks National Signing Day Grade At a Glance

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    September 13, 2018 12:41 AM PDT

    After an exciting day with the Arkansas Razorbacks National Signing Day, I take a look at the class as a whole and see how the Hogs did.The Arkansas Razorbacks National Signing Day performance wasnt what many fans wanted. Some fans were looking for flash on offense and Alabama caliber players on defense but that wasnt the case Armon Watts Jersey. At least not according to the rankings.Article continues below ...But overall, how did the Hogs do First, let take a look at the 247sports national rankings. Yesterday, I did an article about the Razorbacks standing at 29th in the country but today they moved up one spot to 28th. Obviously, rankings matter but is our current ranking that badIf you want to win a championship, yeah. According to the data, a 28th ranked class doesnt stand a snowball chance in hell at playing in the championship game. Here a piece on the very subject.For Arkansas need to start being competitive, however, this was a really solid class. With four-star safety MontaricBrown and four-star cornerback Chevin Calloway coming in with skill and speed Jake Hall Jersey, you can expect them to really help the struggling defense. Im also not just looking at their starratings either and neither should you.